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Dhivehi support on android [Unsolved]

This post is not yet meaningful. If you really want to see how far (or lack thereof) that i have come, by all means… dive into my notes below. If/when i do work this out, this page will be updated. So don’t forget to bookmark this.

There are some interesting files in /system/fonts/
Most .ttf files are unused in this folder. Replacing DroidSans.ttf is the only way to see visible change.
Although you do see visible change, it is not pretty. #The main-english in the phone => dhivehi gibberish.

Now i am stuck in the biggining. No Xkb layouts? The little encounter above makes me think wether keeping the actual keyboard in english, but switching what is inputted would be a better idea. 
Anyhow, i have found that the samsung keyboard is made of hard images saved in the root files [/res/images]. So the keyboard may not be very change-friendly (complete assumption).

I have just check to see if loads correctly and it 100% does.
Since arabic is already in place, i would need only copy its settings, i assume. although many settings may be in non-editfriendly. Reverse-engineering any compiled source would be too time consuming... 

Interesting stuff and bineries again found in /system/usr
Also, /system/T9DB is worth seeing.

Oh, damn, i just realized that the correct fonts may be in place but the system wont know what to call when it sees dhivehi unicode chars! So i have to replace all pointers for Hebrew perhaps with pointers to dhivehi....

Just for references, this is an xkb map of dhivehi:


Remote torrenting from many bit-torrent clients

I dont know how many people may have missed this, but perhaps the most obvious and easiest way to add torrents to a remote torrent client would be through a watched folder!

  • Install Dropbox
  • Link your dropbox account
  • Create a folder called ‘torrents’ in your dropbox.
  • Set your preferred torrent client to automatically add torrents in that folder.
  • Set up dropbox on the other computer.
And there you go, its a folder that is actually synced in both computers and so any .torrents saved in there will automatically be imported into the torrenting client and then downloaded. How is that for easy?
Note: As always- if anyone writes a detailed How-to please let me know,  because my raw ideas arent the best when it comes to understanding. (I would love to link to a detailed version anytime)