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Firefox 4- Brings app tabs to you!

Firefox has a new tab menu entry, if you havent seen it already. it can be pretty sweet addition if you are a gmail user. Its called pin as app tab.

Goto labs in gmail and enable the Unread message icon extension. This shows a number in the tab icon indicating the number of inbox messages. Now make the thing an app tab – and viola. – Gmail Notifier right inside the firefox (which probably takes up most of your online life).


Automated encrypted backups to megaupload.

I’ve written a little script to automatically upload a backup of a folder i want, to megaupload.It encrypts the file by using gpg standards, then uploads the file using plowshare. It also creates a filecalled ~/Dropbox/Backup.txt, which stores a record of each and every backup. Including the md5 hash of the encrypted file.Since i have a free account in Megaupload, i store backups for 90 days.. after which it will be dead, but who needs backups older than 90 days right?

Safe, Secure and Easy.

#Written by

 #Set folder to ""; to nullify
 if [ $# -ne "0" ];then FOLDER=$1;
 if [ -z $FOLDER ];then
 echo ERROR! No input files! && exit;

DATE=`date +%d%m%y-%H%M`
 gpg-zip --recipient $Recipient --encrypt --output /tmp/$DATE.pgp $FOLDER
 MeURL=`plowup -a $USR:$PASS /tmp/$DATE.pgp megaupload`
 MD5=`md5sum /tmp/$DATE.pgp`
 echo -e "$MD5\t$MeURL\t`date +%D-%H:%M`\t$FOLDER" >> $Record
 echo >> $Record

im thinking of adding this to the cron tab, but the thing has to be run as a normal user,
(doesn’t need root powers)- i haven’t done so because gnome & unity- both seem too oft to
crash on me.btw, you need plowshare and gpg installed, and the recipient’s key should be trusted, or gpg prompts to warn you.

Free 3 month megaupload acct for bank of maldives users

So i decided to get a a lifetime membership with MU and so begins my journey.. After depositing $300 in a USD acct in BoMaldives, i purchase the premium account…

I made a payment through moneybookers, and got immediate premium access.. But the acct got suspended in 6hrs.. As it turns out, didn’t accept my payment (reasons unknown). (maybe because i entered my delivery address) hmm, so anyhow- i lose the premium account- but wait, i still have 3 redeemable vouchers for which i had no previous use whatsoever..

Today- i figured , oh what the heck and tried redeeming one of them (30 day) and it worked…

So it maybe a gamble – but worth a shot for those of you out there looking to download that 2Gig File… Heck, after 30 days the bank will un-hold my payment and to hell with MU and !!

Update #1>> For those interested, the exact error you are aiming for is stated below :

Your account has been suspended by our accounting department.\n\n Please send an e-mail to and tell us how you bought your account (PayPal, credit card, reseller, got it from a friend/relative, …). \n\n Your account will then be unblocked immediately. \n\n Thank you for your cooperation!

The trick to searching for movies.

well- its the holidays, and if you are stuck behind a computer, then there is probably one thing you would crave more than -well, most stuff (atleast for me) … and that would be good movies… and those loooong episody‘ stuff called serials… and in this mess, i had a hard time looking.


I already knew one very common way the scene always showed its colours… and that would be P2P. The file-sharing method comes with absolutely no file-size limit whatsoever and no humped load on server with many people downloading (infact, the more people, the better speeds)

damn, now its blabbering. back on topic, i’d say this would be a good way, if the thing you want is hot news and on fire… that way, more people would be sharing it… so give and a go, and seed it well… maybe.


Well, its all fun when it comes to highly seeded- blazing fast torrents, but those are rare. very very rare. I would choose an http download over P2Pany normal day. hell- still- its hard to find those stupid links all buried in the net …

So going to, i would want to find lets say, How i met your mother season 2, episode 4, dhen i would search for something like:

how i met your mother s02e04 +MB intitle:”.avi”

Now this would indeed have to be almost a perfect search. it puts the season episode in the torrent season episode naming format, and specifies a filehost to restrict the search to , and the +MB part highlights the filesize in the search results, from which you can judge the download’s worthiness… so enjoy.. 😀

edit>> using yeilds good results too.. just add at the end of the search query. (eg: The invisiblle dvdrip