Dhivehi support on android [Unsolved]

This post is not yet meaningful. If you really want to see how far (or lack thereof) that i have come, by all means… dive into my notes below. If/when i do work this out, this page will be updated. So don’t forget to bookmark this.

There are some interesting files in /system/fonts/
Most .ttf files are unused in this folder. Replacing DroidSans.ttf is the only way to see visible change.
Although you do see visible change, it is not pretty. #The main-english in the phone => dhivehi gibberish.

Now i am stuck in the biggining. No Xkb layouts? The little encounter above makes me think wether keeping the actual keyboard in english, but switching what is inputted would be a better idea. 
Anyhow, i have found that the samsung keyboard is made of hard images saved in the root files [/res/images]. So the keyboard may not be very change-friendly (complete assumption).

I have just check to see if ar.m.wikipedia.com loads correctly and it 100% does.
Since arabic is already in place, i would need only copy its settings, i assume. although many settings may be in non-editfriendly. Reverse-engineering any compiled source would be too time consuming... 

Interesting stuff and bineries again found in /system/usr
Also, /system/T9DB is worth seeing.

Oh, damn, i just realized that the correct fonts may be in place but the system wont know what to call when it sees dhivehi unicode chars! So i have to replace all pointers for Hebrew perhaps with pointers to dhivehi....

Just for references, this is an xkb map of dhivehi: http://cgit.freedesktop.org/xkeyboard-config/tree/symbols/mv


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