Monthly Archives: August 2011

Remote torrenting from many bit-torrent clients

I dont know how many people may have missed this, but perhaps the most obvious and easiest way to add torrents to a remote torrent client would be through a watched folder!

  • Install Dropbox
  • Link your dropbox account
  • Create a folder called ‘torrents’ in your dropbox.
  • Set your preferred torrent client to automatically add torrents in that folder.
  • Set up dropbox on the other computer.
And there you go, its a folder that is actually synced in both computers and so any .torrents saved in there will automatically be imported into the torrenting client and then downloaded. How is that for easy?
Note: As always- if anyone writes a detailed How-to please let me know,  because my raw ideas arent the best when it comes to understanding. (I would love to link to a detailed version anytime)