iPhone .ipa installation through safari & install0us

So if you have a huge collection in that fileserver in your home network, you might have a stomatch upsetting urge to be able to install .ipa files through safari. Why download it from apptrackr again when you have it right in that little server of yours, right?

Some of you might be aware that install0us can be called through safari using “inst://” . But the majority are unaware of this. Also, it becomes quite tiring and its cumbersome to manually key in “inst://download…XX” every time on  the small device.

And so I had an idea.  We are going to use install0us to do just what i described above (and below too 😀 ) :

  1. Share your .ipa collection folder in your network through http. (i used Xerver for this)
  2. Make a file that could open the http link in installous

So i will skip step one – not really new is it? (google HOW TO)

Before I explain step two, you need to make sure to replace two things every time you copy-paste from my code. 1- the icon file. 2- The network address, which goes 192.168….. It would be pretty hard to miss. So it shouldn’t be too difficult.

For step two, you need to create a .htm file. This can be done by making a new notepad file and then saving it as “myfile.htm” (INCLUDING the quotes). Now open that .htm file and put the following code in it.

<link rel=”apple-touch-icon” href=”www.ICON-SITE.com/PUTAN-ICON-HERE.ico”>
<a href="inst://downloadURL=">Manually Launch Install0us</a>

Put the myfile.htm in your shared files (i.e: the network). Now open that through safari. In order to open that, you need to refer to your http server settings, and would be similar to Make sure the Manually Launch Installous link works. If it does, then add that page to your homescreen (here) .

Great, we have a working Installous link for our network- but it isnt over yet! Now go to the computer again and this time, we are going to add an automated redirect to the previous .htm file. Which means the bookmark would go straight to install0us and skip the safari step (but install0us opens to your network location).

Update the myfile.htm to the following.
<link rel=”apple-touch-icon” href=”www.ICON-SITE.com/PUT-AN-ICON-HERE.ico”>
<script type="text/javascript">
window.location = "inst://downloadURL="
<a href="inst://downloadURL=">Manually Launch Install0us</a>
Now, the bookmark you previously made on the iPhone will open safari and then automatically open up install0us to your preferred page.

Update: 10/9/2011 to fix broken formatting.

Update2: 10/9/2011 Re-written the article to allow easy copying.


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