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Free 3 month megaupload acct for bank of maldives users

So i decided to get a a lifetime membership with MU and so begins my journey.. After depositing $300 in a USD acct in BoMaldives, i purchase the premium account…

I made a payment through moneybookers, and got immediate premium access.. But the acct got suspended in 6hrs.. As it turns out, didn’t accept my payment (reasons unknown). (maybe because i entered my delivery address) hmm, so anyhow- i lose the premium account- but wait, i still have 3 redeemable vouchers for which i had no previous use whatsoever..

Today- i figured , oh what the heck and tried redeeming one of them (30 day) and it worked…

So it maybe a gamble – but worth a shot for those of you out there looking to download that 2Gig File… Heck, after 30 days the bank will un-hold my payment and to hell with MU and !!

Update #1>> For those interested, the exact error you are aiming for is stated below :

Your account has been suspended by our accounting department.\n\n Please send an e-mail to and tell us how you bought your account (PayPal, credit card, reseller, got it from a friend/relative, …). \n\n Your account will then be unblocked immediately. \n\n Thank you for your cooperation!