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Creating a (netbook) download rig

A netbook is perfect to be used as a download rig, as it is made with battery life in mind, and consumes way less power than even a laptop (not to mention desktops). Yet, it has enough processing power to upload and download stuff.. so- for those that dont want ‘just’ a download rig- a nebook is the next best thing. So here i kinda log what a plan to configure (a set-up if you will)…

  • jdownloader which starts at boot.
  • Transmission client.
  • lighttpd which serves the download folder to those who give a …

… Jdownloader has a web-access plug-in, as does Transmission. Both these can downlaod files to the lighttpd www folder… and plus, running jdownloader without graphical mode, in tty2 proves to require lesser resources

Note:These are meaningless notes, Do NOT try to make head or tail of it – lest you may start seeing tails on the middle and heads on that tail. (pun fully inteded). Me no responsible


Multi-Dropbox setup

Dropbox is neat. really neat. real good too. 2Gig for a free user when they start. Not to mention the really cool nautilus extension they have for ubuntu linux.

The thing is hellishly addictive and the super-sleek sync feature leaves the heart wanting more. So now i have two dropbox accounts set-up and and combined with my ubuntu-one account, that makes a total of 6GB in pure sync-ready clouds in my little netbook.

IF you dont already have one, get a dropbox account now (2.25 GB FREE)

Here is how to configure a second dropbox account in ubuntu 10.10 netbook edition:

1. Dont be shy, go on and fire-up the terminal.

mkdir /home/username/.dropbox-shared

HOME=$HOME/.dropbox-shared /home/username/.dropbox-dist/dropbox start -i

2. Complete the setup, and choose selective sync (advanced) , and sync only the Public folder.. Now add dropbox so that it will autostart.



‘HOME=$HOME/.dropbox-shared  /home/username/.dropbox-dist/dropbox start`

3. After that, exit all instances of the second dropbox. now symlink the Public folder in your home dir with the Public folder in ~/.dropbox-shared/Dropbox/Public

4. Hopefully, thats that and the end of this madness, so now – my Public folder syncs with a second dropbox account, that i plan to use sole-ly for public purposes. Its all done and the whole thing costs nada.


FREE Dropbox with initial 2.25Gig space

Friendly Note: The icons are part of an icon set,search for it – its made by Incognitus..