maemo ssh- the lifesaver.

Messing around with the sudoers file in /etc/sudoers turned out for the worse when i messed up the editing, and saved + exited without realizing it. When i realized- it was too late… search and search- nothing except “flash it” came as an answer…

Its all good,  except, flashing was a time consuming job and i hate formatting PCs and i dont feel much like it in phones either… So I scratched my head when it came to me.. (honestly- this took me just 10mins of head scratching to figure out)…

When sudo gainroot.. and sudo su… and/or login command doesnt work without the sudoers file… I remembered that i installed an ssh server on the mobile a little while back.. (More Info) .. I took my trusty netbook and typed sudo su to gain root access in the machine.. then I issued rlogin commands…Only, it was to drop me straight to the root account on my phone: rlogin root@192.168.y.yy:xxxx … and viola! it works.. I edit the sudoer file back to the correct configurations and bam, no re-flash necessary… so be sure to keep an ssh port open while you edit the sudoers file… just in case… 😀 happy editing.

(NOTE: The y is the internal IP (LAN) of the n900.[or part of it :P], and the x is the SSH port)


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