Thaana Hardware Keyboard Layout – Maemo – N900

Yep,  I just couldn’t resist :D… its been a long day – It took me a whole 5-6 hours of dedicated work, searching, and piecing together little informations from the corners of the web..

before i start going on and on, THANKS GO OUT TO:

After downloading the modified rx-51 file at the bottom of this page, you need to copy it to /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/nokia_vndr/ and over-write the existing file. After that execute the command setxkbmap in the terminal. If there is no error, congrats… If there is no error, you have done it..(Backup the file JUST IN CASE)


  1. rx-51 (mirror) (mirror) (MD5: a92780d3de53b0677b26366a0a9469c5 [couldnt hurt to make sure, right?] )
  2. rx-51 Original <- File to get incase you screwed up… DO NOT RESTART N900.

PS>> I recommend checking out this:……..stcount=6

Note>> Dont screw your system, and/or blame me if that happens… I am going to add it to the maemo repos soon (insha allah)… So if you have knobbly hands, wait a little while.


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