Installing dhivehi fonts to n900 -> the primary source for online news in the maldives (advertising, uh? :p) yeah so how ever it maybe, they still havent started using the localized keyboard layout to write the website… instead, they insist on still using the same old mathod of writing as the 2000s days… Write in english and change to a local font.
The problem with this method is that not all the devices support additional fonts, and installing fonts to many handheld devices could be quite a tricky job… do i hear a get on with it out there? well- yeah so its not so hard to install custom fonts to the handheld computer- that is the N900….
First i downloaded the fonts required in the haveeru website. After that… i install unzip from the repositeries.. (belive me, the built-in app manager sucks bad)…. sudo gainroot and apt-get install unzip. Then issue some varient of the command like: unzip /whatever/wherever/ and it will be extracted (most probably to) your current folder. In normal cases where you havent changed directory (cd) that would be /home/user … So now to move the TTF and otf files from

mv /home/user/*.TTF /usr/share/fonts/
mv /home/user/*.otf /usr/share/fonts/

Note: Careful- Linux is case sensitive (this means otf is NOT equal to OtF [or any variation])
So there.. In somecases, eg:when some applications are to load the fonts a device reboot is required. Thankfully, its not required for the built-in maemo browser (forgot name)… so should work now.

Edit>> oops i forgot to mention that these same fonts can be called by sites like and etc etc… so pretty good i suppose…. (especially for boasting :p bragging rights…)

Edit>>> I have successfully added the hardware layout to maemo. Search around the blog if you are interested…


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